What We Do?

In a nutshell, we develop solutions to any business challenges that you might have, be it related to digital, search, marketing, advertising or general strategy.

Digital Architecture

We are open to our client’s ideas and inspirations when building digital products…

Digital Marketing

The new social web is connected, exposed and influence driven – If someone you…

Search & Analysis

What you can find online, you can buy, what you can’t find, doesn’t exist for most of us.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy is everything – Technically speaking, you can jump in the sea, dive deep…

Event Planning

We bring our event planning expertise to the table at E-Merge, its where our roots are embedded

Web App Development

Being a team of software engineers, we can build pretty much any digital experience…

Mobile Development

Mobile first is a mantra of successful business operations today. What this means is…

Interactive Design

Interactive design entails any form of hardware/software integration that enables interactivity with a user…

About E-Merge Digital

We are a merged, single window studio that you can talk to for all your digital, advertising and strategy related challenges. We cover a wide variety of services and have a highly capable team of engineers, designers and strategy planners.

The idea behind E-merge is to merge all core business solution capabilities under one roof, so that our clients get the best ideas from a single studio, ideas that work together, in tandem, to achieve the business goal you outline. A core problem in working with agencies that offer a few or specific solutions to specific problems – is that the big picture gets lost. We want to do digital that works with your advertising, advertising that works with your strategy and strategy, that works with your mobile – To create one, coherent value nexus.

Get in touch today if you’d like to discuss your ideas & challenges with us, we’ll give you our best way forward.