Web App Development

The internet is the most important frontier for any business today, a solid web presence equals a worthy corporate image. Be it a website, a web application or a web based visual/media experience, our team of software experts can build it for you. We have worked on web products for both, local & international clients, delivered industry standard quality and delighted our customers with our innovative design approach.

Mobile Development

Mobile first is a mantra of successful business operations today. What this means is that, whatever your business offers, it should have a mobile presence as well. There’s a rumbling, gyroscope and camera enabled, GPS device in everyone’s pockets – Every potential customer you have, has this device, why would you want to ignore that?

Be it mobile application design, push notification solutions or games that inform your customer base about your products / services – We can build if for you, the idea is to catch & keep your customer’s focus, they are looking at their phones all day, that’s where their attention is, so let’s get in front of them in a polished, professional, non-spammy way. Enrich their lives with your offer, don’t irritate them – there’s a fine line between the two and we know how to walk it pretty well.

Digital Media Setup

Being a team of software engineers, we can build pretty much any digital experience you want, for any general platform, be it mobile, web, or desktop, our focus is to capture & retain audience attention – which is paramount to the success of any business. We are open to our client’s ideas and inspirations when building digital products, give us your thoughts and we’ll build a prototype for you that is always a good boiler plate to get some ideas brewing.

Interactive Design

Interactive design entails any form of hardware/software integration that enables interactivity with a user. We are experts in experiential marketing, and interactive design is at the heart of our experiences.

Drawing from our expertise of software, marketing and customer psychology, we can build solutions that enable higher conversions for your product or service – be it interactive design for your website, for your app, a desktop platform, or tablet – We cover all fences and can deploy any media, in an interactive format, powered by code.

Talk to us today about what you want to achieve, we’ll give you our best ideas and a way forward.

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