Social Media

The new social web is connected, exposed and influence driven – If someone you admire just bought a product or service, you’re likely to consider it for yourself, if someone close to you hated a product or service, it’ll become non-kosher for you for life. That’s the power of social persuasion and today, a lot of our buying / selling / avoiding decisions are driving by social.
We build social media strategies from scratch, tapping into your audience’s requirements, needs and wants, the idea is to

(i) Catch their attention
(ii) Give them an offer that has some call to action tied to it, along with a free trial that removes all risk of trying, followed by
(iii) an easy way of attaining the said product or service.

Convenience, visual appeal and trust, if you can build that into your social media presence, the customer stream will bend towards your product / service a bit more than your competitor’s.


Advertising is the art of catching your prospects attention, giving them a call to action and something to remember in the long run – We hit all three marks. Today, everyone’s head is down, they’re looking at their phone – It’s a battle for attention, so let’s attack their phone, let’s get in front of them and offer them something that adds value to their lives, rather than takes away from it.

Get in touch today if you’d like to discuss your ideas & challenges with us, we’ll give you our best way forward.